Spreading the News
Subject area experts can be found across college and university campuses. Here are 17 proven ways to leverage these experts and get media coverage for your institution.
By Michele Herrmann
September 2009

IN THIS AGE OF 24/7 NEWS, the opportunities for media coverage are wide. But getting institutional ink—whether it’s in a traditional print source, on a website, or via social media—still has its challenges. Often the story isn’t institutional news itself but news related to a faculty member or administrator or news on which one of these experts can comment. Following are 17 ideas for helping to make—and shape—this attention.

#10. Create a location for conducting interviews.

Having a campus TV studio—or even just a room equipped for taping interviews—helps make experts readily available for news commentary. Rob Amberg, vice president and general manager of Cushman/Amberg Communications, recommends that institutions that frequently have media on campus have a briefing room with WiFi access, a dedicated podium, and cable and power hookups on-site. At the University of Central Florida, a TV studio that allows for live talkbacks with local, state, and national media is expected to launch this fall, notes Heston. Quinnipiac’s School of Communications offers broadcast-quality TV interviews with faculty experts from an on-site facility equipped with a VideoLink ReadyCam.

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