Hampton University has just launched a ReadyCam® on-site studio at their Hampton, VA campus, allowing faculty members to appear on broadcast news programs without leaving the college.

The ReadyCam® studio is capable of transmitting live or recorded broadcast quality HD video over the Internet to news media organization around the world. The studio can also be used to stream webcasts and record video for the web and internal communications.

“We are excited about our partnership with Hampton University. We are confident our ReadyCam® solution will give professors and staff at Hampton University convenient and reliable access to television networks around the globe,” says Rich Silton, VideoLink’s President and CEO.

Hampton University professors have expertise on a wide range of topics. To book the ReadyCam® studio for commentary and interviews, contact Yuri R. Milligan at yuri.milligan@hamptonu.edu or 757-727-5253. Members of the media can also log in to VLGuru™ to view the College’s detailed expert profiles.

About Hampton University

Hampton University, founded in 1868, is a comprehensive institution dedicated to the promotion of learning, building of character and preparation of promising students for positions of leadership and service.  Through global scientific collaborations, cutting-edge research projects and increased technological enhancements on the campus, Hampton University has emerged as a leading research institution of higher education.  Hampton University’s offers its 5,000 students innovative courses that lead to 64 bachelor’s degrees; 36 master’s degrees; and 8 doctoral or professional degrees.

About VideoLink,Inc.

VideoLink,Inc. is a leading video services provider with experience in all aspects of video content creation including  strategy, production and leading-edge transmission solutions. For over 20 years, VideoLink’s award winning staff has been the preferred partner of global television networks and corporate clients looking to create superior quality video. With three HD multi-camera studio locations, HD satellite trucks and over 160 ReadyCam® studios around the globe, VideoLink has the flexibility and resources to manage any project, from complex multi-camera remote productions to single-person live television interviews.