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Why lift your company’s Employee Communications strategy?

June 26, 2017

Recently, I attended the PRSA Employee Communications Connect Conference, and as I look back on this, I’m thinking, what tremendous learning and ideas that were shared. The setting was in Denver and the event was sold out. To me this suggests that IC/Employee Communications is very important to brands. What I gathered over the two-day event were the many reasons why. Here goes…

Take the corporate out of corporate communications.

Right out of the gate, I heard… Why are brands needing to “take the corporate out of corporate communications”? Corp Communications has been TOO corporate. Employees find it BORING, not human, not transparent enough, and too long! What was discussed was to communicate more concisely. Chop/cut/chisel every communication and press release. On the heels of this was the suggestion to take out the “corporate speak”…. jargon, buzz words. And, work with your executives to communicate in their “weekend language”. In other words, be real. This leads to more interesting content and more engaged employees. Daily ambassadors of your brand!

Make your copy stand out.

When writing copy, think of the Big 3: Headline – impact, Lead – first line or two in the story and Quotes that stand out.

Here are a few other terrific ideas that were standouts from speakers and brands:

So, make Employee Communications a priority. If you communicate strategically and make it about your employees, you will see an increase in employee engagement and elevated trust within your organization.

Reach out if you’d like to discuss or share ideas about Employee Communication.

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