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Video on location could never be easier.

December 11, 2017

The life of a Fortune 500 company CEO is, to say the least, busy.  Most CEO daily schedules include multiple meetings, functions, and conferences, all of which are usually not in the same place. This can become logistically difficult, especially when involving travel. So, what happens if you need to be somewhere physically, but logistically cannot?

I recently sat down with VideoLink’s VP of Production, Kevin McCarthy, to discuss how we solved this exact issue for PepsiCo.

When PepsiCo’s CEO was unable to attend a conference in Miami, FL, where she was scheduled to speak, they didn’t panic or cancel the event. They came to VideoLink.

“We received the call on a Sunday morning from PepsiCo, telling us that their CEO was unable to travel to Miami, FL, for a speaking engagement at a conference scheduled for the next day – less than 24 hours. Their CEO had a key role in the conference and asked what we could do to help,” said Kevin.

With many years of production expertise, it was easy for the VideoLink Production team to analyze the situation to formulate a solution. It also helped that PepsiCo had a ReadyCam studio at their headquarters in Purchase, NY, which was where their CEO was located.

“Having PepsiCo as an existing ReadyCam client was half of the solution, said McCarthy. “But, it was because of our great relationships with production partners throughout the country that we were able to fully solve this logistical problem for PepsiCo in six hours. This includes scheduling their ReadyCam studio, surveying the hotel in Miami where the conference was taking place, and booking the necessary satellite reception equipment and transmission.”

Leading up to and on the day of the event, our production team worked closely with the Miami hotel AV team to make sure that they had everything needed to make the CEO’s presentation run smoothly.

“It was important that the CEO, while not physically at the conference, was still able to address the audience in a way that was both visually and audibly appealing and did not negatively affect the flow and content of the conference,” said McCarthy.

Kevin and his team were able to connect the PepsiCo ReadyCam to the large video projection and sound system at the Miami hotel so that the audience could see and hear her, as well as allow the CEO to listen to any questions from the Miami audience. 

“PepsiCo’s CEO was able to hear everything that was going on in Miami,” said McCarthy. “She was able to give her presentation and answer questions in real-time – not affecting the content of the conference, which was huge for PepsiCo.”

So, if one of your executives can’t make an important meeting or event, don’t panic. Call Kevin and his team, and they will work with you to find the best solution.

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