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How A Painting Video Became A Branding Masterpiece

May 2, 2017

Clutter cutter videos all share one common trait; they work for both the brand and the viewer.  Anything less, and you’ll either fall flat with today’s sophisticated viewers, or produce a popular video that does little for your brand.  This week, I’d like to share a video series we recently created for one of our clients, Great West, and provide three quick takeaways from this successful campaign.

Takeaway #1: Make it about the viewer.

The videos in this series make it clear that they are about the viewer almost immediately, by asking a simple question “What would you paint?” Right at the outset, we establish that this video is about them, and provide reasons for them to engage, prompting internal dialog along the lines of “What would I pick?” “What did other people pick?” “Hmm, never thought of it that way.” Viewers are included in the conversation right from the get-go, and as a result, they stick around.

Takeaway #2: Don’t be shy about educating your viewers.

In studies conducted by Google, consumers have indicated that they want videos to help them learn more about a brand, it’s products, and its services. As a counterbalance to that, as all marketers know, viewers don’t want to be sold. This video series works because it strikes the right balance of both information and entertainment. In order to cut through the clutter, strive for a natural balance of both.

Takeaway #3: Don’t try to be everything to everyone

Too often, to get the most value from their efforts, brands pack too much into too small a space. The result may satisfy all the brand’s internal constituents, but at the expense of the viewer. To cut through the clutter, avoid trying to include something for everyone, and have faith that your concept, and not your talking points, will do the work for you.

In focus groups, this video tested extremely well with its target demographic, so much so that the video concepts expanded to become the cornerstone of the brand’s national marketing campaign. There’s no better measure of clutter-cutting than that.

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