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Your choice of video production environment is as important as your message

March 20, 2014

Thanks to improved technologies and more cost-effective delivery systems, organizations are producing more web video for thought leadership, product demonstrations or employee training.

Communications and marketing professionals have come to realize that the choice of shooting environment is often as important to successfully conveying a message, as crafting the message itself.

When making the choice between a professional studio and a location shoot (at your offices or in a remote setting), there are several important factors to take into consideration.  A value balance needs to be struck, weighing technology choice, budget and the audience.

Consider the follow questions when scouting locations for your production:

Keep in mind that, for most productions, the location does not necessarily need to be specific to the topic or the message.  Alternatively, does the location enhance the topic or message?  Why is the viewer seeing this location?

Shooting on location has its advantages as well.  Your talent is often on site and you can showcase your company brand.  However, the challenges associated with this type of shoot are not always easy to control.  Things to be aware of when shooting on site include ambient noise, foot traffic, vehicular traffic, lighting, and disruption of daily routines.

Sometimes, a neutral setting (like a production studio) makes the best and most cost-effective environment.  Most of the distractions encountered while on-location can be eliminated, technical requirements can often be set in advance, temperature can be regulated, and the space ensures clear sound and high quality images. Professional studios can also be custom designed with sets and backgrounds appropriate to the topic or they can remain strictly generic.

Working in the studio provides its own set of challenges.  But the consistency of the environment isn’t one of them.  This means you can concentrate on crafting your message and content, rather d worrying about the unexpected.

There are challenges and benefits to shooting both in a studio and on location. Weigh them fairly and select the setting that’s right for you and your production.

Join our production experts on March 25th at 2pm EDT for a live video webcast to learn more about site selection and the responsibilities of a video production team.

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