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Five public relations trends you can accomplish with video

May 14, 2014

As video marketing advisers, our clients depend on our ability to help them understand the best uses for video and maximize the value-add it generates. We work closely with communications, public relations, and marketing professionals and keeping a close eye on trends is essential to serving our clients well. To that end, here are five recent trends we’re following for public relations video.


What is your brand’s story? Corporate culture? Product catalog? Furthermore, how do you speak to these aspects in an engaging way? We know that video drives leads, engagement, and is crucial to the purchasing cycle, but video is also a medium that bests demonstrates who you are. It puts a face to your brand and makes it more intimate, personal. Next time you update your “About us” page, think about using video.


In the age of “always-on” media, it’s crucial that brands exhibit trust in all external communications efforts. A great example of this is a recent video we produced for our client, ITG. In response to Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys,” ITG CEO, Bob Gasser, offers clients full transparency into their trading methods. The video and landing page position Gasser and ITG as responsible, trustworthy partners. It’s direct, honest and personable, something a blogpost or other written couldn’t achieve alone.

Brand journalism

The uncertain future of traditional media outlets has pushed many journalists to produce content for brands, which is good news for overworked content marketers. As brands become their own versions of media outlets, rich media like videos, photos, and infographics are important mediums to both engage and maintain customer relationships. Writing a white paper, blogpost or presentation? Why not create a video summary to entice viewership and increase downloads.

Crisis management

Crisis management as an industry experts say has grown over 200% in recent years. Coming out ahead of a crisis is crucial to maintaining customer loyalty and video is a perfect medium for that. Take Taco Bell. Back in 2011, a customer accused them of not using real beef in their tacos. Taco Bell fired back immediately putting Greg Creed, president of Taco Bell, in front of the camera. Subsequent videos and a full campaign later, Taco Bell responded to the crisis starting a dialogue with customers while combating negativity head-on. Without the videos from Creed, their campaign would not have been as successful.

Integrated communication

The lines between PR, marketing, communications and advertising are integrating to one overarching discipline. Video is a medium that speaks to all and easily. Creating a video for your website can be repurposed inside an email marketing campaign, shared via social channels or added to sales collateral. As these once siloed departments align, video can help PR professionals consolidate efforts when building a campaign.

As the communications landscape evolves, use of video will continue to grow and the ability to churn out quality video content efficiently will elevate brand success. We’re already seeing clients use video to accompany press releases, white papers and more. Have you incorporated video into PR or communications strategies? Share your success stories on Twitter and Facebook.

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