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How can brands move from being whitepaper-centric to video-centric?

October 31, 2016

In our recent webinar, “The Evolving Role of Video in Financial Service Marketing”, VideoLink’s Executive Producer/Creative Director, Stu Siegal, talked with Gail Graham, Chief Marketing Officer at United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC and Andrew Most, Senior Director, Content Marketing at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, about the challenges they face when trying to elevate the use of video in their organization.

Making the leap to a video-centric strategy 

Many financial service brands struggle with getting everyone on board with integrating video into their marketing strategy. During our webinar both Gail and Andrew shared some insight on how they made the leap from being “whitepaper-centric to video centric”.

Gail cautioned that getting your organization to buy into a video-centric strategy may take some time. “We still have some of our investment professionals that enjoy writing long papers and we still have some clients that expect those and enjoy them. But adding the short form video has been helpful to us to get people comfortable that they’re not losing something that in their minds worked for them.” Traditional whitepapers are still part of the mix, but as Stu pointed out, creating a video to summarize a whitepaper is a great way market cross-platform and drive traffic for those who are really interested in the asset. Video helps bridge the transition of traditional marketing for those who are not ready to leave it behind.

For Columbia Threadneedle, making the transition is all about building trust internally. “You have to build trust and you have to build proof points around the fact that that quality content can be extracted. In our case, what we were trying to prove is that quality content can be extracted from unscripted environments, that one example of putting folks in front of a camera, trying it out and showing all the fruit that that single exercise could bare was all that we needed to get the business to buy into a broader video strategy” said Andrew. Once Columbia Threadneedle senior management bought into a video strategy, they were able to integrate video across all marketing campaigns. A major success they had with video is their Market Outlook series. This series brought a fresh interpretation of a traditional video format and has created a contemporary approach to thought leadership video that is helping to the brand connect with clients in a meaningful way. “In our partnership with VLCreative over the past year-and-a-half, we’ve really focused in on that idea that folks want to be engaged in a conversation with the people and thinkers at our firm. [Our customers] don’t want to be spoken to; they want to be spoken with”, said Andrew during the webinar.

Financial Service brands come from an environment that is very used to writing rather long whitepapers as proof points that they know what they are doing. Making the transition to video can make a lasting impression with your agents, channel partners, advisors, and consultants. Not to mention helps simplify the complex financial service topics that get lost in whitepapers.

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