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Creating Effective Video to Drive Customer Engagement

November 29, 2016

Last week our Creative Director/Executive Producer, Stu Siegal, spoke at the Digital Marketing for Financial Service Summit in New York City. During his presentation, Stu discussed the three essential questions financial service brands need to address in order to be successful with video. The session generated a great deal of buzz, so we thought we’d share a recap of the answers to these three questions in a blog. They are:

What should we create?

How should we create it?

How can we gauge success?

What to create?

This is where it starts, and where brands face a multitude of choices. Options include branded entertainment, customer stories, thought leadership, animated infographics and overview videos. So, what are the right choices?  The ones that best capture subject matter that both you and your customers want to talk about. Remember, customers don’t want to be spoken to, they want to be spoken with. A great rule of thumb is to imagine you’re at a dinner party and you engage in a conversation where you only talk about what your interests are. Not a great way to drive results. Create content that illustrates your understanding of and respect for your customers.

How to create it?

This question isn’t what it appears to be at first blush. It’s not about cameras, microphones, or editing software, it’s about ideas. With so much video content being created, brands need a plan to consistently generate great ideas over a sustained period of time. Create a plan to produce video that consistently breaks through the ever-growing clutter. Addressing this question at the outset of your efforts, as opposed to on an ad hoc basis, is a key to success. Which bring us to our final question…

How to gauge success?

Decide what you want from each video asset at the outset of the production process. Have realistic goals. Most ninety second videos can’t raise brand awareness. Talk about your products, tell a story, drive conversions, and cure the common cold. It’s easy to succumb to the pressure to hit a grand slam with every video, but it’s also not realistic. Make choices, and focus on attainable goals and long term results.

When deciding which metrics matter, look beyond raw view counts, and pay attention to how long your viewers watched, if they shared, and if they commented. And remember, some of the most successful videos have very narrow audiences, so focus on outcomes and not vanity metrics.

Video has moved from a “nice to have” to a “need to have”. As your brand plots it’s course, we’re happy to be a resource, so feel free to reach out for questions, advice, or support.

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