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Video Perspectives: A conversation with Fish & Richardson’s CMO on the power of video

September 24, 2015

The law firm Fish & Richardson works with the most innovative clients and influential industry leaders in technology. The firm sought to improve its marketing initiatives to enhance its leadership in intellectual property and litigation. When the Fish marketing team first came to VideoLink in 2014, they were looking for a partner who could help them embrace video and enable them to produce video to quickly and effectively communicate with the media and their clients. Fish engaged with us to develop a creative video strategy, and installed a customized on-site ReadyCam® video studio to support the firm’s long-term strategic marketing initiatives. The studio is used to produce corporate and thought leadership videos in their Boston headquarters.

Kelly Largey, CMO of Fish

Kelly Largey, CMO of Fish

We caught up with Kelly Largey, Chief Marketing Officer at Fish, to learn more on how video has enhanced their leadership in intellectual property and litigation over the year and her visions for the future of video at Fish.

VideoLink: Why did you chose video as a strategic communications tool, and what has your journey been like?

Kelly: The initial reason we wanted to add video to our website was to improve our SEO. We felt that as a firm who represents leading technology companies, we should be using all of the current communications technologies, and we should be leading our peers in the use of technology. We knew that our peers were starting to explore the use of video.  Like our clients, we want to be a leader and not a follower.

VideoLink: Where do you think video will have the most impact, and how is video going to be used in the coming years?

Kelly: We believe that video will become a key tool for pitching for new work. The primary way we win new litigation is by showing that we would do a great job with the case if we were hired.  We spell-out our entire litigation strategy: “Here’s where we see the minefields, here are the traps you could get into, and this is what we would do if you hired us”.

My vision is to ask the attorneys who are putting the strategy together to record a short 60- to 90-second video, talking specifically about the case and our strategy.  We would then integrate video into our proposal. Potential clients tell us that we do a good job customizing our proposal materials. Video offers an opportunity for us to customize even more.  I see the use of video as a strong differentiator in the pitch process.

VideoLink:  What is it like learning about video? And have you had any experiences that you didn’t expect, or any ‘aha’ moments?

Kelly: We found is that some of the shorter videos, and the evergreen videos, get the most views. Video that’s highly substantive, and has a lot of technical information in it, doesn’t get as many hits as a young associate talking about how great it is to work with Fish, or a partner talking about how Fish promotes diversity. The videos that are a little more conversational and less substantive get more views than videos that are more substantive and technical. We thought we would see just the opposite.

VideoLink:  How are you measuring success with the shorter videos, versus the more substantive ones?

Kelly: For now we’re just looking at how many views we get on the videos on the website and if the video was shared. We’re not doing a lot of sophisticated analysis. One of the real specific ROI metrics that we’ve seen is that we get more views of our press releases when they include a video .

VideoLink: Fish is a very progressive law firm, especially when compared to other IP firms. Do you think the use of video has helped promote your progressive culture at the firm and within your industry?

Kelly: Yes, definitely. I think that it’s helpful for us to be able to tell our peers, “Yes. We’re using video on the website” and “Yes, we have the video technology here at the firm.” From a law firm marketing perspective, it does set us apart from our peers. We want to be seen as a firm that uses all the best and most current tools.

VideoLink:  Are there any video projects you can’t wait to try or start?

Kelly:   I want to get more attorneys into the studio. The more Fish attorneys I can put on video the more we show who our attorneys are as people.  Adding the personal touch to our website that will help to differentiate us. It comes right down to whether or not clients think that they can work with a particular individual.  I believe we can make that case better with video than we can in writing. So I’m eager to get more of our terrific lawyers in front of the camera.

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