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CX begins with delivering on customer expectations and creating engagement

September 29, 2015

I’m here at CXFS 2015 in Charlotte and it’s been a great event to learn more about designing and managing the cx journey. The event is designed for financial services organizations, but the concepts can be applied across many industries.  Of note, was a new energy around incorporating storytelling into the experience itself, and specifically, creating conversations that matter with your target audiences.  Here are a few interesting take-aways from yesterday’s events:

Be bold and be different.  Storytelling can differentiate you from your competitors.

The opening panel discussion featured a conversation about how to connect your brand story with the customer experience. What was interesting and compelling was the energy around understanding your target audience, creating visually compelling stories that resonate with them, not your brand, and the idea that changing how your customer think about you can differentiate you from your competition. Three panelists agreed that to break the mold of brand/product first, think outside the box and look to brands that use video and storytelling really well. Understand the next wave of customers expect video and visually appealing information, and an easy way to find and digest answers to question.  Storytelling can be your bold differentiator.

Create engagement and deliver on customer expectations.

It’s all about the customer and their perception about your brand.  If it’s hard to find information and make an informed choice, then the overall customer experience (cx) will not be positive. Customers today want an easy path to find and make decisions. Minimize the level of customer effort to maximize the customer experience.  Mixing up the mediums in which they find that information can help.  Text, infographics, and video all play a role in delivering better experiences and creating purposeful and relevant engagement.

The CX journey requires a culture commitment and a cx champion.

There’s no discussion around storytelling and video in this key take-away, but I thought it was a very important one.  Regardless of your industry, the cx journey and experience depends on transforming a company culture from within, and having champions that help to both facilitate and execute on the dream of a simplified customer experience. A seamless CX creates a happy customer, and from a strategic perspective, happy customers lead to increased lifetime value (LTV) of a customer.

Understanding the customer journey and their experiences will differentiate you from your competition.  Explore new ways to connect and engage with your customers along the entire continuum and you’ll continue to delight them.




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