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Creating Effective Backdrops for Your Videos

May 22, 2014
Creating Effective Backdrops for Your Videos
Keep in mind that the sweet spot for your logo is next to your talent’s right ear, extending to approximately the end of his or her shoulder.

A well-made backdrop brands your talent during live TV and web videos. It features consistent elements that make your brand easily recognizable and increase your earned media. There are some things to keep in mind when designing a backdrop to make sure it’s engaging and doesn’t take away from the message you are trying to convey.

If you choose to create a step and repeat design, keep in mind that the sweet spot for your logo is next to your talent’s right ear, extending to approximately the end of his or her shoulder.  Your logo should be small enough to appear several times across the backdrop, but still large enough for your viewers to read.

Color plays an important role in your backdrop design. Stay away from bold, bright colors that can overpower your talent. Shades of blue or muted pastels work best. If your brand guidelines allow, you may want to change the color of your logo so it stands out against the color you select.

Another great way to make sure your audience will associate your video with your brand is to tie in some corporate elements, such as relevant images, scenery or landscapes. When incorporating photos, test them beforehand so you can ensure no component is positioned so it appears to be coming out of the talent’s head. If your image involves outdoor scenery or buildings, you may want to have a different version for day and night, and perhaps a version for each season.

Live settings also build brand awareness and give your audience a glimpse into your corporate culture. Produce your videos and TV inserts on your trading floor or in your newsroom to show what a typical day is like at your company. Just be sure the activity in the background isn’t too distracting so viewers are paying more attention to that than your talent. You may want to consider recording an hour or so of activity in the office to playback during filming for your video.

Don’t forget to test your backdrop before going live!

Your backdrop is as much a reflection on your brand as your talent’s message. Create an attractive and interesting backdrop to increase brand awareness and make every second count during your TV interview or recorded video.

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