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What’s Customer Experience Got to Do with It?

November 12, 2014

What videos should you create and how often? How do you become more customer-centric? What is the future of video and visual content? These are a few of the great questions asked during our live webcast, “Video Drives the Customer Experience.”

Digital marketing guru and founder of Weber Shandwick, Larry Weber, offered some incredible insight as to why customer centricity is essential to all future marketing. Using the brand channel Toll Lifestyle TV, our video marketing experts discussed why creating a meaningful customer experience that is direct and honest will bring lasting dividends for companies. It’s all about storytelling that hits a positive note. Your customers need to at least have a good experience. It doesn’t always have to be a home run.

Download the Q & A from the customer experience webcast and see if we answered your question about video and the customer experience.

Are you creating video on a regular basis? Send us your question about video and share your experience.

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