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Author: Jamie Tritschler


Meeting the University Branding Challenge with Video

March 25, 2015

In a recent post in University Business Magazine, Redefining the concept of university branding, Kimberly R. Cline, president of Long Island University, aptly discusses the challenge and necessity of branding in universities. She mentions branding in higher education is often much more complex than branding a corporate product, and is just as important. Tellingly, Ms. Cline admits, that some aspects of traditional Fortune 500 branding strategy remain true for university brands – specifically, the need to amplify your brand story in a way that resonates with your target audience.

In the near future, how well universities brand themselves will closely correlate with nearly every facet of talent (or awesomeness) of its students, faculty and administrators. Interestingly enough, the article fails to mention the power of video to help articulate the university message and to elevate their branding strategy to the next level.

VideoLink has partnered with public and private universities for over a decade, providing video solutions to help them increase their brand profiles and attract new talent. Over the years, we have found that video– whether through live TV appearances or online video, is an essential part of any college or university’s branding strategy. It offers a consistent and easy way to elevate a university brand profile to attract and retain top-notch faculty and students, motivate alumni and influence colleagues.

Why video works

Students, faculty and scientists love video; and the younger generation in particular, is embracing video as a primary means of communication. It’s now a necessity to have a deliberate and coherent video strategy that complements the colleges’ overall business plan. Branding has gone digital, and video enables colleges and universities of all sizes to capture the essence of a student body, the college’s mission and the overall student and faculty experience.

Visually showcasing students and faculty enjoying an idyllic campus or a hustling busy city campus says more in 90 seconds than any picture, quote or press release ever could. More and more, college and university marketing and communications departments are taking advantage of live and recorded video to engage with potential applicants, current students, faculty, and alumnae. Video is no longer a nice to have communications medium, it’s now a communications tool expected by the school’s audience.

Ways to use video

Many universities and colleges have already used the university overview video, which typically showcases the campus, student life and student testimonials. New innovative ways to use video to help you stand out from the competitive landscape include:

Campus Technology Forum

Our higher education clients are using video in all aspects of their branding strategy – from live TV appearances to student life videos, to President’s Welcome to alumni webcasts and thought leadership. Come visit with us at during the Campus Technology Forum in Long Beach, CA on April 8-9th to learn more about technology that enables colleges and universities to easily produce video and share their expertise on live TV.

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