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Creating Meaningful Relationships with Your Customers

November 5, 2014

According to Edelman’s second annual “brandshare” report, consumers expect to have more meaningful relationships with brands. To consumers, this means a give and take when it comes to sharing information. Unfortunately, the majority of survey respondents reported that brands are not delivering on this type of engagement.

In our recent webcast, Video Drives the Customer Experience, VideoLink’s chief content strategist Stu Siegal and Racepoint Global’s Chairman & CEO Larry Weber talked about switching the focus of marketing efforts to create better relationships with customers. “Marketing is evolving,” said Stu Siegal during the live event. “I think the way that you keep the customer at the center is to think ‘Okay, if I were the customer, what would it take to keep me coming back, to want to have a relationship?’ rather than just to have a transactional mindset.It isn’t just about pushing customers through the sales funnel anymore.

To become more customer-centric, companies should concentrate on the customer’s thoughts, interests, and pain points instead of talking about themselves and their products. “Companies that really string together customer stories and relate to customers and what they’re feeling and what they’re going through are the ones that are going to really have competitive advantage in the future,” Larry Weber added to the discussion. Companies that share information that resonates with customers will also be more apt to have customers share their own stories in return, providing them more user generated content and brand champions.

To learn more about rethinking the buying journey and creating a positive customer experience, check out the full webcast – Video Drives the Customer Experience.

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