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Getting to Know You

August 24, 2016

It’s official. Brands are embracing the power of video and incorporating all types of video into their marketing and corporate communications initiatives. They are forming new strategies and re-thinking how they communicate with both their customers and employees. And, as importantly, the C-Suite and PR/Marketing professionals are finding ways to overcome misconceptions about how to use technology to capture branded video. They are uncovering solutions that can deliver a strong ROI and consistent quality video and audio.

It seems the next big question for video in the enterprise is how do companies maximize their investments in video and help them achieve important business goals (think ROI, engagement, transparency, brand loyalty and new customers).

Using video as the de-facto communications tool

Executives are finding the use of video is helping them to deliver clear and inspiring messages to their employees globally. Video also gives voice and personality to the message, whether its delivering quarterly business updates, new product announcements, crisis communications or a monthly address to the team.

Video is helping employees and executives tell their stories and sharing what makes their brand story different. Video is a very shareable medium, works well on mobile devices, and is trackable. These benefits enable organizations to measure engagement and tie success to business goals.

Quote top  What our leaders have grasped on to with video is the convenience to get a message out in clear and concise manner. No longer do they wait to share updates with their teams in a live setting.  Now we see their thought leadership being shared monthly and in easier to digest segments. It’s also been useful for thanking their teams for hard work and plays a big part in why our company continues to ascend the Fortune 100 list of great workplaces. quote bottom

Robert Thompson
Consultant, Corporate Internal Communications

Making high-quality video accessible and easy to use

The goal of video technology should be to help everyone in the organization to easily share stories and thought leadership. The right video technology reduces the time, resource and cost factors typically associated with high quality video production. Not only is it important to companies to make video easy, remotely controlled video technology makes it accessible and timely.

More customers are telling us that video is the preferred method of communications. Customers are using remotely controlled video technology to bridge the gap between in-person meetings and traditional written communications. Recorded executive messages, live webcasts, market updates, town-halls and media tours are a few of the ways our clients are using  ReadyCam studio technology to deliver key communications in a timely manner to employees and customers.

Aligning video [technology] with business goals

Video doesn’t have to be a big investment in time and resources. With the right solution, executives and communications teams can produce high quality, branded video in a day, rather than weeks. Just as marketing and communications executives align their choice and style of video content with their customers’ journey, the executive suite wants to see the impact video has on top and bottom lines.

The need to find the solution that delivers high-quality, branded video as well as deliver better productivity and efficiencies is a recurring theme discussed with customers. It used to be that to produce a good video took a lot of time and resources. With advancements in technology, that’s no longer the case.  If your goal is to use video technology to make high-quality, branded video communications a reality, there are lots of choices out there (including ReadyCam® studio, smartphones, and DLSRs). Choose the solution that best aligns with your marketing and business goals.

Getting to know you – in summary

As our clients use video more, there’s a frequent refrain from the executive suite. How do I get my employees to really know who I am? Video communications is preferred by executives who want to genuinely connect with employees and customers. Humanizing the executive suite allows employees to get the full measure of the message. The three-dimensional effect of video (sound, visual, emotion) is extremely powerful and is helping executives become more transparent and more real to their employees. And this is showing great dividends with our customers. How about your company?

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