Massachusetts Gastroenterology Association case study

AVI-SPL VideoLink production experts planned and executed a dynamic live
broadcast of simultaneous medical procedures between several hospitals.


Massachusetts Gastroenterology Association needed to deliver a training event showcasing simultaneous live endoscopic procedures in a safe manner without risk to the patient, medical staff or crew, and instead broadcast it to conference attendees


Partner with AVI-SPL VideoLink, drawing on their decades of broadcast video production experience to deliver the event


A seamlessly executed four-day live broadcast of groundbreaking endoscopic procedures for 500+ attendees in Boston, MA

MGA video shoot in an operating room
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The Client

> Serves as voice of
gastroenterologists in
the Commonwealth of

> Enhance awareness of
regulatory and policy issues
affecting digestive health

> Forum for dissemination
of science knowledge and
professional advancement

The Scope

> 30+ hours of live endoscopy

> 6 simultaneous productions

> 5 contributing hospitals
across MA

> 4 days of live programming

> 1 broadcast to conference

Unprecedented broadcast procedure

The Massachusetts Gastroenterology Association (MGA) annually hosts the Boston International Live Endoscopy Course (BILEC) to share endoscopic procedure advancements. Procedures from multiple hospitals are showcased live throughout the course. Broadcasting these procedures posed significant logistical and safety issues.

With decades of live remote production and transmission support experience, AVI-SPL VideoLink was asked to create a robust technical and operational plan and deliver a dynamic live broadcast that featured simultaneous procedures from multiple locations and enabled audience interaction.

A unique plan for a complex broadcast

The Concept: AVI-SPL VideoLink collaborated with medical professionals to develop a small footprint production plan of 30 people, spread across five hospitals, the event auditorium, and a central control room in Newton, MA.

An Innovative Approach: To deliver this dynamic experience, we positioned five member production crews at each hospital to capture and transmit each live endoscopy procedure, along with surgeon commentary, to our production control room in Newton, MA.

Strategically placed cameras and operators, wireless microphones and earpieces, innovative medical device integration, and low latency transmission solutions powered this complex production at each location.

Real patients brought a high level of complexity to the production. We provided nurses with wireless headsets to communicate in real time with our team in Newton, so that on-site camera crews could capture the appropriate actions.

In Newton, the team captured feeds from all of the hospitals and produced a high definition program. This enabled the audience to see each procedure, and interact with the panel and the doctors at each surgical location.

A seamless partnership. Another happy customer.

The complex production resulted in a flawless four-day live broadcast. Doctors conducted simultaneous endoscopy procedures while taking questions from 500+ attendees, bringing the procedure room to the auditorium.

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