Customers choose Eastern Bank because they want a relationship with a bank that cares about them, their business, and their personal finances. The core driver behind Talk2Teller technology was to ensure the experience at Eastern Bank remained real and personal. The technology combines the real-time experience of talking with a teller and the convenience of a drive-through ATM. Talk2Teller encourages live conversation, which is central to the brand's appeal.
The creative video team at VLCreative recognized that the Talk2Teller story was about people as much as it was about technology. One of the most challenging aspects of communicating both the human elements and technical benefits of this exciting new way to bank was that one video just couldn't’t capture every feature that the bank wanted to showcase. 
VLCreative recommended a multi-video experience that put the bank's customers and tellers front and center as the faces of the technology and the brand. Check out the Talk2Teller overview to see how Eastern Bank tells a human story about an empowering technology.


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