ReadyCam Video Studio

Live TV and branded video production all from one studio.

Walk in, mic up and record.  Live TV and video are that easy with the ReadyCam video studio.  All you need is your talent and your idea.

Live TV.

With the ReadyCam studio, your experts will never miss a live TV opportunity and will always have branded backdrops that elevate brand awareness in the market. Your executives and experts can respond quickly to live TV interview requests and eliminate most travel and scheduling challenges. VideoLink controls the camera for the networks so there’s no need for additional video production expertise.  Live video webcasts and satellite media tours (SMTs) are also easy to produce using the studio.

Branded video communications.

A ReadyCam video studio also makes it easier to respond to and to turn-around last minute video requests. This video studio simplifies the video production process for single camera video, and makes the possibility of video real for everyone in the organization. Your communications teams, marketing teams and even human resource teams can reduce video production costs by at least 40% and distribute information about company events, quarterly updates, new products, and employee polices in days, not weeks.

Remotely controlled video network.

Using the power of the internet, your in-house video studios can be networked together to create a remotely controlled, company-managed video network. With a customized video network, your creative teams can achieve consistent branding and production values for both live TV, and video used for executive and employee communication.  Managing live TV interviews and creating simple video is both possible and affordable wherever your experts may be.


Create a powerful global video network.

Each ReadyCam studio can be managed remotely via a remote receive system or using our web-based interface VLGateway. When networked together, you can create a powerful video network that can be used for live TV appearances, live satellite media tours, mediatraining, monthly and quarterly updates, and cross-departmental video communications initatives.

A remotely controlled video network provides greater flexibility and full control over the live and recorded video process. Your experts can now focus on the content and the message, and not worry about the process.


Download Global Video Network brochure


Use ReadyCam video in a powerful, creative way.

There are lots of ways to use your ReadyCam studio from live TV to satellite media tours to monthly executive communications. See how Alcoa worked with our VLCreative team to incorporate ReadyCam video and pictures into a powerful, and visually appealing story to celebrate the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility.

Learn about ReadyCam uses.


Customize your own studio.

Every studio layout and studio configuration is customized to client requirements. We recommend your video studio to be 12′ x 16′ with no windows.  Additional technical requirements include a static IP address (10Mbps upload speed), an analog (POTS) and digital phone line, 110V 20 amp circuit in a quad outlet, and cold wiring installed in ceiling.

Optional studio features include an AEB (electronic backdrop), teleprompter and recording device.

View studio layout


Remotely manage your studio with a receive station.

ReadyCam studios are designed to be controlled and operated remotely by your video production team. With a receive station, you can easily capture and produce video content even when you aren’t in your studio. Just log on to our user-friendly web interface – VLGateway.  With a click of the mouse, you can control all technical and creative aspects of the video, including framing the shot, selecting the right backdrop for your video content and if needed, directing your talent.

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